Better SEO, Better Content, and Better Profit Margins

At SERP Maniac, our aim is to help your company get on the coveted first page of every search engine. This comes down to two main areas of focus- content and links. We take care of both.

This means getting you great backlinks on the right sites and helping you create content alongside.

Moving The Needle

What do we do differently?

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We Build Relationships

Most of SEO is outreach which consumes a ton of resources. We have relationships with 131 brands and counting. The best links come in from solid relationships.

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We Grow With You

We deal with startups, mid-size businesses, and well-established companies- we grow with you. You can decide how many links you want, what you frequency you want them at, and what sort of sites you want to get them from.

Personalized Approach

Instead of dealing with customer support, you get a dedicated account manager that works alongside what you need and makes sure you get links that are relevant.

Want to get started? Have questions?

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Here Is How We Work...

A scalable system that grows with you.

The Link-Building Process

We handle everything from beginning to end and keep you up to date on the way. Common updates would be:

  • New sites you can vet
  • A link of yours that has been submitted or gone live
  • Updates regarding your overall SEO growth.
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Performance Based Payment

We don’t take your money until we deliver a live link. No retainer fees or upfront costs. Once a link goes live- you get an invoice.

Payments do not have to be complicated.

Prioritize Content That Matters More

You decide which posts or landing pages you want to build links towards and then we take it from there.

You get to prioritize your link targets on your dashboard. If you have a specific request, we get it done.

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