Content Marketing & Distribution Simplified

At SERP Maniac, our aim is to help SaaS companies get on the coveted first page of search engines. SEO is simple if you break it down- tech, content, and links. 

That is where we come in.

We help companies grow their organic reach

Here is how we work...

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Leverage Our Relationships

Most of SEO is having the right contacts on speed dial. We build relationships with the best companies out there to help you grow.

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Links That Actually Work

Too many links are from link farms and not topically relevant. We focus on links that make a difference. Our main backlink values:

  • Relevance to your niche
  • DR 65+ and over
  • 10k+ in traffic
  • A healthy backlink history
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Organic Growth

Quality> Quantity is our motto when it comes to links. Our aim is to focus on links that go through lengthy processes to tick all of your boxes and lend towards overall organic growth.


Want to get started? Have questions?

The Link-Building Process

We handle everything from beginning to end and keep you up to date on the way. Common updates would be:

  • New sites you can get links from. You vet each one before we work on getting you a link.
  • A link of yours that has been submitted or gone live
  • Updates regarding your overall SEO growth.

Content Strategy

While links are a big part of the puzzle, it needs great content and keyword research to work for you.
Our packages include content built for your business. We suggest topics, submit outlines, send over drafts, and then build links to the pieces we help publish.
This isn’t a piece of the pie- it is the whole damn marketing pie.

Performance Based Payment

We don’t take your money until we deliver a live link. No retainer fees or upfront costs. Once a link goes live- you get an invoice.

Payments do not have to be complicated.

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