[Case Study] Link Building for Email Marketing Software: Driving a 112% Growth In Organic Traffic

traffic growth for already established site

Since we have signed an NDA with the company we worked with, we cannot disclose the company’s name for this case study.

Growing from 388,713 visitors to 825,577 visitors (112% increase)

This case study outlines the growth we saw for an email marketing platform that we have been working with for 22 months.

This platform was already a major player within the email marketing industry and was bringing in 388,713 unique visitors in organic traffic when we began working with them.

Over the course of 20 months, we have built 167 links for them which has led to a 112% growth in organic traffic.

The site now brings in 825, 577 visitors every month on average. Pretty neat if we do say so ourselves.

organic growth chart


This client was already bringing in thousands of organic visitors every month when we started working with them. Their goal was to double that and bring in, even more, leads from a thriving organic channel.

They shared some of their aims with us:

  • To remain an industry leader in the email marketing space by constantly having a presence online.
  • To increase sign-ups coming in from organic traffic and reduce reliance on paid acquisition techniques.
  • Getting mentioned and linked to from DR 70+ blog posts with a minimum traffic level of 5000 visitors every month.

The solution to that problem was to get amazing backlinks and create content that leaves Google’s jaw on the floor.

SEO is easy if you stay focused on the right things. We targeted a set list of landing pages and blog posts every month that needed a boost in rankings.

Keyword Rankings

When we started working with this email marketing platform, they were ranking in the top 3 spots on Google for only 1711 keywords.

As of September (2022), they are ranking for 4170 keywords which means an average growth of 143% in how many keywords were ranking in the top 3 positions on Google.

oct 2020
sep 2022 1-3 positions

We have also seen 4616 new keywords ranking in positions between 4-10.

keyword increase


  • 7,076 new first-page ranking keywords (159% increase)
  • Outranked companies like HubSpot for terms like ‘how to create a newsletter’
  • 436,864 (from 388,713 to 825,577 visitors) new organic visitors. This was a 112% increase in organic traffic growth.
  • 2459 new keywords ranking in the Top 3 positions.
  • 4616 new keywords ranking in 4-10 positions

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